Tuesday, May 27, 2008

QUEER ZINE TOUR SAFARI 2: Ethnoculture Montréal

Ethnoculture is the LGBTTIQ... POC, Refugee, Immigrant festival of Montreal.
Happening the same weekend as a very important feminist conference, happening at the same time that the floral festival of the botanic garden, happening at the same time that the silkscreening stickers workshop i have to give at the St.Emilie skillshare.

Why things always happen at the same time is this city?

Back to Ethnoculture.

Not much people, but nice people. Very good food, 20-30 organizations, not much people but the people we don't get to see much in other LGBTTIQ...events. Big pleasure in that way.

A pleasure as big as the question where this invisibilization comes from.
I don't think there's only one answer. I think the answers are multiple and some of them are linked to the way we organize.
I was very happy of talking spanish to some other hispanophone queer people. ¿Dónde estamos?

Ethnoculture organisation has asked us for an interactif activity. I figured it out while drinking my coffee that same morning: what about people creating their own labels? Pushing further away all this labelling thing that happens in society AND in our communities. What about being ironic at the same time than questioning labels and making an interesting exercice of self-identification (oppossed to outside-identification).
I brought old office labels that i have been moving around for years. A letter stencil set, silver and golden pins and some black markers.
With Marie-Annick who was taking care of the stand with me, we decided that labels were too good and that we want to go further in this project. So we kept on writing all down while people were coming and going on the big room with DIY labels on them.
We're still thinking on what to do with this idea. Maybe a big exhibition going further and bigger as more people is taking part on it.
We'll check this up for our next date: ottawa june 7th!!! THE BIG LAUNCH DAY!!!

love and labels



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