Thursday, March 20, 2008


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13 mars 2008, l'hiver ne finit de passer J A M A I S,

the NEVER ENDING WINTER, Zaheen tells me while we eat a Beaver Tail in Ottawa.
(a beaver tail is a big sweet pancake, beaver tail-like but completely vegetarian, it's an ottawa speciality).
Big weekend.

13th march, thursday i do the launching of number 9 at home. It's quite calm, i would have liked to be more noisy but that's the way it is at winter when you have not announced to yr neighbours that you were having the biggest party ever.

Slept 5 hours in 2 days, because i'm always late for launchings.

12th march
7pm, Margo arrives at home and i ask her to write a text for he zine. It's good to have inspired people all around: she makes it and she handwrites it on the page.

8pm, hurry up for photocopying the cover...i've decided to do some painting on everyone of then. Good idea when you have time, but i DON'T have time.

9pm, first test with painting, i wanted blue but there's no blue, let's make it green then. Painting is great, what a shame that i have to make 100 of them before tomorrow morning...

11pm, text is finished, okok i scan everything it will take me no more than 1 hour.

1am, what the fuck, my lay out is not working at all, everything is mixed. I decide to go to bed, but...

2am, more green painting, my bedroom is a mess, i step on the painting and now there are green footprints all around.

3am, the lay out is making my brains explose. Okok, take a glass of porto, that will help. Finish painting at least.

4am, one page was missing i make it in 10 minutes, good good, painting is finished, lay out is finished, set alarm clock at 8, i have to be at the copy shop at 8.30 am....

13th march. The launching was calm and nice (i'm not telling you all about the copying, folding, puppy chewing covers and so on, you just can imagine). The zine looks great and it's so nice to see all these lovely people around. Mag comes fast as always and Rémi comes at the end of the evening. I'm missing the ladies organizing Back-Off, but the big feminist event is happening tomorrow, so i guess they are finishing all the unfinished.

This is the zine of the NEVER ENDING WINTER.

Back-Off was so big, so full...not even winter can't stop grrrls from going out.
I leave to Ottawa in the evening, i want a bed. Ottawa is great. No, Ottawa is not great, but people of Ladyfest Ottawa are. Ladyfest Ottawa is the oldest in the world and it happens in september. Take note and come.
I'm suddenly jealous of what queer people make in ottawa, because sometimes smaller communities are easier to organize, and montréal is sooooo big.
Nikoo, Erin, Zaheen and me we meet to start organizing ottawa launching of IT'S RAINING DYKES #10, early june.
Have i told you these ladies are amazingly great?


Next time i'll be fighting against time for a launching it will be warm.
Some day it will be warm.

I have a WINTER SYNDROME, oestopath tells me that my body is not used to quebec winter, that's why i'm tired, sad and angry. I ask for a secret pill and she tells me that the only solution is living here for 7 winters, that's what the body needs to get used.

No way, next year i will be swimming at my dad's swimming pool (i tell you that because that's what they have been doing this same weekend at my hometown, in mediteranean southern spain). No way i'm stayin here for another february. I'll make like birds and fly south for winter.

(i never thought it would happen)

Take care and read slowly (it takes me weeks to make this zine, so do not hurry up for reading it!).

Write to me at if you want the .pdf file of it to print it at home!
(please, write down your mail adress in your mail)

ce papier n'est pas moi!

Le jour où je vais finir de me soucier des papiers je changerais de sujet.
Pour l'instant....

Melina, qui travaille au Studio XX (centre d'art multimedia féministe à montréal) parmis d'autre zillions de choses, m'a proposé en décembre d'écrire un texte sur les FRONTIÈRES pour les magazine virtuel du studio .DPI

J'ai décidé donc de me revolter encore contre ces maudits papiers, les papiers étant des textualisations violentes et physiques des oppressions que certains d'entre nous subissont jour après jour. Parce qu'on est pas du bon pays, du bon genre, de la bonne couleur, de la bonne religion, de la bonne taille.

Le texte est disponible sur le numéro 11 du magazine .DPI

N'hesitex pas à envoyer vos commetaires, accords et dessacords.