Monday, April 30, 2007


#traduction en français la semaine prochaine, c'est promis!#

Here u've got the zine queer tale that has taken all my neurones from the last weeks.

Queer zine history, as any underground media history, is difficult to explain and find as not many people take care of collecting all the information, as all the information is not easily available. I think that's the way it is because, even if I also think that we should be aware of history, it reflects a non-hierachical network system, where there is no real "first" of "major" one. Maybe the only solution to a non-hierarchical, non-established history that respects this notion of network and personal creation is to collect everything and make everyone has acces to everything. For me the Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP) is a great solution for our lack of history information on queer zines. And everyone making queer zines should be actif in supporting it in a kind of political engagement: we are queers and we do queer zines for all queers in the world. Let's use internet if it can help us. Let's use mail. Let's use festivals, meetings, books, radios, concerts, demonstrations. Let's travel and bring our stuff with us, let's distro and exchange.

This zine queer tale is not a perfect one: many names, people, places are missing. I'm aware of that. All zines, people, places are equally important for the network. This is not a history og big names but a history of big ideas.
I did my best with the information I had, but I'm ready, and hopeful, to change things around, add, draw more and more pages. I want to know more about European, African, Asian, South American queer zines. This shouldn't be a North American centered tale, but for the moment it is. That's easy to change if we (non North American queer zinesters) want to, so let's change it.

Thanx so much for all the groups and individuals supporting this project (Milo and Chris from the Qzap, Nina from Echo Records and Riot Grrrl Europe, Derek, Elena, the Broken Pencil articles, cha, sev, marion, rinka and véro).
Thanx to the Queeruption Vancouver organizers (specially the zine "master" Reece)

and merci to sonia and catmates for the cozy bed!!!

Entzaubert fest in berlin

for those of you in europe....

there is a great queer diy film festival in berlin from the 15th to the 19th may: ENTZAUBERT FEST
(ok, all that is already in the poster but i don't mind repeating myself)
I'll be there with the old zines, the new ones and some surprises...
For more info,

Thursday, April 26, 2007

for those who may think i have disappeared...

NO, not yet, i'm just busy working on a film about latino community in Montreal. It's taking all my time and neurones, but it's fascinating.
I have some new strips for #7, which will be ready for the second week of may (just a month late is not too bad).And of course, the comix about queer zines is coming next week, i cannot waiiiiiiittttt.

It wasn't easy going back to europe but here i am and the sun is shining on southern france. My only fear is loosing the amazing energy Montreal and friends over there gave me. I'm working hard to stay moving aroung, drawing and thinking. I feel lazy, but I'm learning to take my time in order to get nourrished from my every day experiences, better than just chewing them down.

Thanx for all the people leaving comments, it's great!!
But i cannot answer you because your mail adress is covered but a no-reply write yr adress in yr ms if you want an answer.

So, see u next week!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


hi everyone,
i've always been fascinated by shameless grrlz. I think that's why i feel so close to riot grrrlz and that's the reason why grrrlz playing punk and rock music come often to my mind while thinking on shameless grrrlz. Not that i want to reduce riot grrrlz to only girls bands, but that's one of the most effectif ways riot grrrlz ideology and 3rd wave feminism came in contact with young girls and women. At least, that was my case.
So, when i was asked to make an illustration for the feminist toronto-based shameless magazine on their article "shameless", grrrlz screaming truth and playing electric guitars were the first to came onto the paper.
As inspirational soundtract, i listened to 7 year bitch and tribe 8 as high as i could.