Wednesday, January 23, 2008

pour tous ceux qui sont partis chercher la lumière...

I can't say everything about it
In just one single song
I can't put how I feel in a package
And sell it back to everyone
But wait
There's another boy genius who's fucking gone
I hope the food tastes better in heaven
I know there's lots of rad queer boys up there
I hope everytime they talk to you
They know that they're lucky to be your friend
Cuz look
There's another boy genius who's fucking gone
And I wouldn't be so fucking mad so fucking
Pissed off if it wasn't so fucking wrong
It's all fucking wrong
It's not fair- It's not fair
It's not fair
But no one said life was easy
Yeah, but no one said-no one said
Nothing's supposed to happen, right?
No, no one told me anything
To prepare me for fucking this
There's another boy genius who's fucking gone
Don't tell me it don't matter
Don't tell me it don't matter
Don't tell me I've had three days to get over it
It won't go away
It just won't go away

Bikini Kill "Rest In Pissedoffness" in Reject All American

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Creative Commons License
genderpoo by lolagouine est mis à disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons Paternité-Pas d'Utilisation Commerciale-Pas de Modification 2.5 Canada.

Yes, since the time when people asked me for this clip! And now u can see it all over on the inter-nerd! Well, sometimes technology is great and this is one of the times.
I'm actually going quite lazy in my drawings. Number 9 of It's raining Dykes is still in the closet but ideas are coming for wonderful number 10, which is going to be a team work project on radical sexualities. Sounds nice hein?
I'm getting lazy because i'm sick of immigration papers. No, i'm not sick on them, i'm sick of the procedures of getting them. If i star on this i won't finish ever. So let's go back to genderpoo.

My nice little animation film. Wow that was when i was still in toulouse fighting to learn flash, and this is what i make as my first project...first and last big project. I'm doing some small ones at this very moment, but nothing to do with GENDERPOO film.
Music was made by my ex-girlfriend. And the rest of work, drawings, design, animation, wa made by myself.
This film has shown in sooooo many places, from berlin squats to montreal universities and spanish tv. The project was not quite ever finished, so maybe i'll get back to it some day. As long as so many people are afraid of getting into public wc, this project will be necessary.
I have a thing with toilettes. Is it still one of the only places where we publicly segregate biological sexes: u're A or u're B. That's all. And that's why is such a big nightmare for us boiz, hairy dykes, trannies, make-up faggots, etc.
Let's go further, and think of toilettes as the 2 boxes where society wants to keep us locked. The Good Woman, the Good Man. How many people get excluded then? Sex workers, travestites, masturbaters, HIV positifs, fat people, into-drugs (including prozac) folks, handi trans, questioning people, etc....
I still wonder if somebody really fits in those boxes....

take care