Monday, September 17, 2007


As maybe some of you know, I make some illustrations for the feminist toronto-based magazine SHAMELESS. The last ones (which are in the blog) were the ones with the riot girl group singing and playing guitar. This drawing is being also used by ladyfest torino (it's happening this weekend, good luck!), which is quite eco-nice: let's re-use drawings in a responsible way, that'is, as torino ladies did, telling the pen-and-paper person that they're going to do it and explaining what the project is. You can be sure that if the project follows a radical feminist, queer, eco, alternative, underground path, i'll be more than happy to share drawings with you!.

As always, i'm not following the straight way (well well, big surprise). Let's go back to magazine drawings.
I was asked to make the illustrations of the special feature of next month (october) issue. The long article, called "one week" is a diary-like text on surviving one week without using big money-makers-slave-contidions labels, and it has been written by a teen girl who made the difficult experience. I found the article to be very clear. She struggles to spend a day without those labels, not because she's an addict to coke (maybe you know, as i do, some activist who happen to be addicts to coke), but because big labels are hiding in many of the products we consume every day!!! One week seems nothing but when i first read the article, i thought..."i may tried this myself..."
Even in Europe, where i'm right now, one week is quite a long time with no big-kkkap
label. And Europe is not North America, where big-kkk are everywhere around...
This is not a passive article, you should read it ( and then do it right away. Look in yr fridge and yr cupboard and think about what you find. Look in yr closet and be ready to be shocked by yr t-shirt origins.
Who said that closet monster do not exist?
They are more real than what you ever thought when you were little.

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