Thursday, April 26, 2007

for those who may think i have disappeared...

NO, not yet, i'm just busy working on a film about latino community in Montreal. It's taking all my time and neurones, but it's fascinating.
I have some new strips for #7, which will be ready for the second week of may (just a month late is not too bad).And of course, the comix about queer zines is coming next week, i cannot waiiiiiiittttt.

It wasn't easy going back to europe but here i am and the sun is shining on southern france. My only fear is loosing the amazing energy Montreal and friends over there gave me. I'm working hard to stay moving aroung, drawing and thinking. I feel lazy, but I'm learning to take my time in order to get nourrished from my every day experiences, better than just chewing them down.

Thanx for all the people leaving comments, it's great!!
But i cannot answer you because your mail adress is covered but a no-reply write yr adress in yr ms if you want an answer.

So, see u next week!!!

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